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Have that design on your mind? Read the details below, fill out the form, and we’ll get started!

fine line tattoo of a platypus on forearm
portrait of attractive female tattoo artist

If your submission is accepted, we will then schedule your tattoo and there will be a $50-100 deposit needed to lock your appointment on the calendar. The deposit will be taken off of the total tattoo price and is not refundable. There is a $150 shop minimum. If you have any other questions about Liv’s booking process, visit the Tattoo FAQ page! 


attractive female tattoo artist drawing on iPad using Procreate
fine line black and grey tattoo of woman with mushroom head

To book with Liv, fill out the request form in it’s entirety. Once you submit the form, please allow about a week for a response. If you do not hear from Liv after two weeks, it is most likely that your request has been denied. Feel free to submit your request again at any time.


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